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How much does it cost to recolour joinery?

Cost to Recolour Joinery

How much does it cost to recolour joinery?

It may not cost as much as you think to recolour joinery. 

For a precise answer we come to your home/building, measure up and prepare a quote.

We price by lineal meter, and as each home/building has different window sizes and frames, access to windows/doors etc, it can be difficult to give a true estimate. 

However, we have put together this diagram based on an average 3 bedroom home.

Recoloured Joinery + Nano-Clear = Better Protection

The Key advantages of choosing Nano-Clear is our Superior Clear Coating.  This coating is what we spray on top of the new select colour.  Nano-Clear has fundamental elements that will protect your joinery and surfaces from future discolouration and fading.

  • 6 times harder than paint – being scratch resistant
  • UV Resistant – restricting sun fade, oxidation and damage
  • Reducing cleaning by 50%
  • Chemical and solvent resistant – no more staining or run marks from house sprays
  • Sprayed on application in various Gloss / Matt levels for a clean smooth finish

Looks Just like an original joinery finish but with better protection!

Call us for your Free no obligation quote – We can even arrange a sample window too!

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