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Benefits of Nano-Clear

  • Extreme Long-Term Weathering: Our solution boasts extreme long-term weathering capabilities, extending the surface life for over 10 years. It is specifically designed to be UV and fade resistant, preserving surfaces' vibrant appearance over time.

  • Outstanding Resistance: Our coating offers outstanding resistance to chemicals, salt, and solvents, effectively safeguarding against corrosion. It enables easy removal of graffiti, simplifying maintenance tasks.

  • Hydrophobic Properties: With its hydrophobic properties, our coating repels water and prevents dirt and grime from adhering to surfaces, reducing cleaning efforts.

  • Exceptional Durability: The extreme crosslink density of our coating makes it 6 times harder than paint, providing exceptional durability and scratch resistance. By utilizing our coating, you can extend the repaint life cycle by 3 times, resulting in cost savings and reduced maintenance frequency.

  • Versatile Finishes: We offer a range of finishes, including full-gloss, semi-gloss, or matte, allowing you to achieve your desired appearance.

  • Reduced Surface Maintenance: Our coating significantly reduces surface maintenance by 50%, minimizing cleaning and upkeep efforts.

  • Convenient Application: Our in situ spray application minimizes disruptions to your operations or living space.

How Nano-Clear works

Nano-Clear is proudly New Zealand owned and operated by our experienced teams

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Nano-Clear - Where it all started

Founder and Developer of the Nano-Clear Product - Thomas Choate

Thomas began his scientific journey in 1982 at the early age of 16, while working for Progressive Dental Laboratory in Brighton, MI, USA. He began to develop skills in the art and science of manufacturing porcelain teeth (crowns), dental metallurgy, polymer synthesis, high heat ceramics and high heat porcelain glazes.

Thomas first hit headlines in 1986 when he started Felix Dental Arts which focused on creating 'life like' dental prosthetics for local sports celebrities.

By 1989, Thomas had founded Felix Dental Manufacturing, which had a focus on developing highly functional dental materials which in turn developed the world's first polyurethane hybrid dental polymer with a thermal expansion of 0.05%, and many more leading products and developments.  Thomas sold Felix Dental Manufacturing to ADS - American Dental Supply and ADS continue to market the Felix branded products to leading dental laboratories, dentists and Dental Universities.

Thomas continued his passion of development in 2003 and founded Nanovere Technologies, a company that specialises in the research, development and manufacturing of first-to-market nano coatings with multi-functional properties. Here he continued to channel his expertise with key scientific concepts, materials and processes and developed a highly scratch resistant, chemical and UV resistant nano-coating with self-cleaning properties. The technical challenge here was to develop a multi-functional nano-coating that would out preform 'all' leading automotive and aerospace OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) coating competitors.  

2008 after 5 years of extensive research and product development, Nanovere introduced the world's first Dendritic Polyurethane Coating System, and began working closely with leading validation organisations including GM, Jaguar, BMW, Boeing, Club Car and Polaris.

In 2009 Nanovere began working with Bayer Material Sciences, Alcoa and Sveza Les OOO based in Russia.

By 2011 Nanovere partnered with Nippon Paint / CyGlaz, who are the largest paint manufacturers in Asia.

Nano-Clear is introduced to New Zealand in 2012.

In 2013 Nanovere introduced the world's first ambient cure 'Nano-Clear Coating' to exceed the automotive OEM industrial and aerospace OEM technical specifications.  

Geoff Pridham became the New Zealand National Distributor in 2015.

In 2018 Geoff created the opportunity for individuals to purchase Regional Licences within New Zealand.

2019 - Nano-Clear Industrial Coating Solutions / Nanovere was a Winner at the 2019 Corrosion Innovation Awards hosted by NACE International. Nominees were required to show significant positive impact in corrosion control, relating to coatings, linings, materials, design, equipment, testing monitoring, integrity assessment, cathodic protection, chemical treatment and anything else directly related to corrosion prevention and mitigation.

Nano-Clear's product portfolio is still manufactured by Nanovere in Brighton, Michigan USA and sold globally through select distributors. 

Nanovere *Nano-Clear has developed a complete platform of market-ready 3D nanostructured polymers and multi-functional nanocoating formulations.  Nano-Clear nano-coatings have been proven to be the most scratch, chemical and UV resistant in the coating industry.

Nano-Clear is the perfect product for permanent clear coat protection for home assets, vehicles, marine boats and industrial assets.

Nano-Clear Property Overview

The automotive industry commonly applies high performance "clear topcoatings'" over painted surfaces to mitigate the negative effects of environmental exposure (acid rain, harsh UV rays, car washing, stone chips...).  Automotive OEM clear coatings are well known to provide long-term surface protection against the environment when applied over painted surfaces.  The industrial paint market currently relies on pigmented coatings alone without the use of a high performance clear coating.  What is needed is a high performance clear coating designed to dramatically extend the surface life of industrial painted surfaces.

Nano-Clear® is designed to dramatically enhance and extend the surface life of 'newly-painted' or 'oxidised' painted surfaces by 10+ years.  Organisations have invested billions of dollars to protect high-value assets from corrosion, scratching, chipping, chemical attack and weathering.  Many of these assets were painted using inferior paint materials not designed to withstand long-term weathering and use.  Organisations have various options when these painted assets degrade:
1.  Do nothing and allow the paint weathering cycle to continue (resulting in decreased corrosion, chemical and UV resistance).
2.  Replace the existing paint system using the same conventional systems (epoxy topcoat, polyurethane or latex).    
3.  Enhance and extend the surface life of 'new' or 'oxidised' painted assets by 10+ years using Nano-Clear.
Conventional industrial paint systems including epoxies provide good corrosion resistance and initial surface hardness, but unfortunately fall short in long-term UV resistance and weathering. Two-component polyurethanes provide good UV resistance and weathering, but typically cost much more than epoxy or polyester topcoats. Unfortunately, conventional paint systems like topcoats and epoxies begin the oxidization process or “chalking” from weathering within 6 months from application. This surface chalking phenomenon is actually degraded paint that resides on the surface from UV exposure and weathering.
Nano-Clear coatings penetrate deep into the smallest pores within newly painted or highly oxidised paint surfaces to form a highly cross-link dense/hard coat surface. Nano-Clear coatings provide dramatically longer surface protection over conventional automotive, marine, aerospace and industrial paints including epoxies and polyurethanes. How can we make this claim? Nano-Clear coatings provide dramatically higher crosslink density over conventional one-component and two-component coating systems. Nano-Clear coatings prevent UV degradation of the substrate by absorbing harmful UV rays.
What is crosslink density and why is it important in coatings? Crosslink density is defined as the concentration of chemical bonds within a polymer. Higher concentrations of chemical bonds within a polymer improve physical properties. Conversely, lower concentrations of chemical bonds within a polymer decrease physical properties. Increasing crosslink density increases material hardness, chemical resistance and long-term UV resistance.  
How does crosslink density relate to a coatings longevity? High crosslink dense coatings provide increased molecular bonds. Increased molecular bonds are more difficult to break down by chemical attack, surface scratching and UV degradation from sunlight exposure. Highly crosslinked coatings provide increased physical performance and increased longevity as compared to lower crosslinked coating systems.