aluminium recolouring & surface protection specialists

Is your home joinery or garage door paint looking worn, tired or extremely faded?
Let’s make your dull looking paint surfaces a thing of the past and start with a recolour and | or a permanent protection coating today that going to last day in and out.


extend freshly painted or  existing faded | oxidised paint by up to 10+ years with nano-clear

we will help you reduce the effects of  FADED OR OXIDIZED PAINT with a lasting PROTECTIVE SURFACE COATING.

Your home & property is usually considered your most valuable investment.

 Over time, nothing gets as beaten by the elements as your faded paint and wooden surfaces.  Applying Nano-Clear’s 3D technology can drastically improve the appearance of these surfaces, provides superior protection, reduces surface maintenance and ultimately improves asset resale value.

Nano-Clear will help reduce the effects of the harsh, extreme natural environment, including weathering, UV and general wear and tear around the home & property.

Restore Highly Oxidized Paints & Colours

Across any weekend in New Zealand, a lot of time, energy and money is spent cleaning and maintaining your vehicles. It is generally accepted that your vehicles will be a well-used asset that will face a continual battering from abrasion and corrosion.

Other Assets YOU CAN Restore and Protect USING NANO-CLEAR.


6 reasons why Nano-Clear will restore & protect your HOME & JOINERY


Restores colour, gloss & hardness

Applying Nano-Clear to your Joinery & Home assets helps to restore the original colour, gloss & hardness. Say goodbye to fade and wear & tear from the elements.


Extreme corrosion & abrasion resistance

Nano-Clear is 6 times harder than paint, providing superior hardness & protection against corrosion & abrasions throughout the life of your Joinery & Home assets.


Weather protection & scratch resistance

Joinery & Home assets exposed to the extremes of weather fade & lose its appearance & value. Applying Nano-Clear provides superior protection against the weather & incidental scratching.


Improves brand appearance & creates more value

Nano-Clear applied to your Joinery & Home assets improves the appearance & look of your home. At the same time, it reduces the amount of lost value due to fade & wear due to the harsh weather.


Extend the life of your assets

Applying Nano-Clear extends the life of your Joinery & Home assets, including the need to repaint as many times as you would without it. Apply Nano-Clear once to extend its Life.


Reduce surface maintenance by 50%

Applying Nano-Clear to your Joinery & Home assets makes it super easy to maintain them and keep them clean. Dust & other particles do not stick to the Nano-Clear surface, making it real easy to clean – reducing the cumbersome task of home maintenance.

Lets see if getting Nano-Clear is right for you