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Nano-Clear is New Zealand wide and divided into regions.

Each area is proudly owned and operated by licensee owners. 

North Island 

Northland - Tim Finch    0272203482

North and West Auckland - Ryan Jury    0211664193

Auckland CBD / East and South Auckland / Waikato / Taupo - Daniel Holmes    021351350

Coromandel / Bay of Plenty / Hawkes Bay - Tim Finch    0272203482

 Taranaki / Manawatu / Wanganui - Jake Baker    0272468194

Wellington - Shaun and Amiria Jamieson    0275358301

South Island

George Bridgewater    0278830009

Richard and Karyn Hogue 

Marcel Verweij 

Desmond Rodrigues 

Scott Webster


Nano-Clear is New Zealand’s most advanced protective clear coating system. It’s exclusively distributed in New Zealand by Nano Clear NZ Ltd. If you have a commercial interest in becoming a part of the Nano-Clear team or use it within your business, we welcome your call.