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#1 applied permanent clear coat protection for home assets, vehicles, marine boats and industrial assets.

New Zealand’s #1 for permanent clear coat surface protection 

Nano-Clear was developed by Nanovere Technologies in the United States, a company that specialises in the research, development and manufacturing of first-to-market nano coatings with multi-functional properties.

Nanovere began the development of highly scratch resistant, chemical and UV resistant nano coatings with self-cleaning properties. The technical challenge was to develop multi-functional nanocoatings that would outperform “all” leading automotive and aerospace OEM coating competitors.

After 5 years of extensive research and product development, Nanovere introduced the world’s first Dendritic Polyurethane Coating systems in 2008 and subsequently began working closely with leading validation organizations including GM, Jaguar, BMW, Boeing, Club Car & Polaris.

In 2013, Nanovere introduced the world’s first ambient cure Nano-Clear Coating platform to exceed automotive OEM, industrial and aerospace OEM technical specifications. The Nano-Clear product portfolio is manufactured by Nanovere in Brighton, Michigan and sold globally through select distributors.

Significant reduction in the re-paint cycle Nano Clear provides:



Extreme corrosion protection


Weatherproof gloss


Extreme abrasion resistance


Extreme corrosion & abrasion resistance


Reduction in cleaning and maintenance by 60%


Extending the value and life of your asset.

What our customers say…

Really pleased with results on our pool fencing. Looks brand new again. Reliable and friendly service. And a bonus, the total cost was less than the original quote!


Nano-Clear Auckland North

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