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Machinery Protection and Restoration

Nano-Clear has been tested and proven in some of the world's harshest environments. From fertaliser plants, salt harvesting, tanneries to cement manufacturing - if the environment is harsh and corrosive, Nano-Clear will extend the life of the equipment operating within. Nano-Clear is ideal for equipment such as forklifts, wheel loaders, generators / gen-sets, vessels, boats, trucks, bins, agricultural equipment and much more.

Nano-Clear also has the capability to coat glass, poly-carbonate, fiberglass, plastics, bare metal and wood for extreme UV and corrosion protection. 

With additives available to increase hardness, adhesion, hydrophobic and matting (reducing gloss levels) - there are various solutions that we can achieve for our customers requirements.

Less downtime due to repairs and maintenance, better looking equipment, easier cleaning, higher salvage value at end of life, all translates into reduced costs and greater profitability. That's why many of NZ's leading industrial companies are incorporating Nano-Clear protective coating into their overall investment in equipment. Talk to us about how Nano-Clear products can help with your corrosion or cleanliness issues. 

On our New Zealand farms, acidity from crops and alkaline from fertalisers are hard on farm machinery and tractors, which are also often subject to severe UV damage. Nano-Clear can rejuvenate colour / gloss in old gear but also protect new tractors from fading - whether they are metal, plastic or fiberglass.