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Your building is often the face of your business and if your old faded powder-coated joinery needs to be revitalized to the same original colour, or if you want to go for a completely new modern look, we can help you.

Work places need to be bold, clean and vibrant, and require a hard-wearing coating of protection, this is where Nano-Clear is the perfect match to for your asset.

Nano-Clear reduces the fading & chalking of powder-coated surfaces caused by UV rays & salt deposits. Protect it with our highly durable, hard-wearing coating.

Modernize The Look / Increase Street Appeal by revitalizing the old the colour back to new or keep up with the latest trends and change colour.... Silver, Black, Whites & Grey's are all very popular!

Custom Projects / Items

We can coat and protect architecturally designed painted and metal surfaces, including stair-cases, hand-rails, gates, fences, poles and louvers etc.

If off-site work is required we can discuss these options with you too.

 Signage / Branding

We protect signs too, adding shine and gloss to complete that high end professional finish, reducing your cleaning and maintenance and once again restoring colour and gloss for many years to come.

Nano-Clear is Graffiti Resistant 

If your asset is in a high foot-traffic area & is subject to vandalism, our product makes cleaning graffiti off very easy.

Remedial and Repairs

We can source and replace old faded, corroded, broken window latches and fixtures with brand new ones. We have a great range of suppliers to help us source these old and new.  Complete a whole new look!

Insurance Work

If your aluminium joinery has been damaged by accident, we are happy to work with your insurance company to get your building restored again.