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Can you paint aluminium window frames?

Give your home or business new life and a new look by painting your aluminium joinery a new colour.

The teams at Nano-Clear will help you select your new colour, gloss level and source new handles and latches too.  

The process is very similar to how you would prep and spray a vehicle.  Starting thoroughly by removing the surfaces of all contamination and oxidation.  They then prep the surfaces by sanding and scotching.  Once clean the joinery is masked up, then sprayed with a number of layers.  Anodized joinery requires acid etch prime, before the other layers; etch primer, base coat and then Nano-Clear clear coat.  

The benefits of Nano-Clear are:

  • Lasts for 10+ years
  • Chemical and solvent resistant
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • UV / Fade resistant
  • Full-gloss / Semi-gloss / Matte finishes
  • Scratch resistant - 6X harder than paint
  • Graffiti is easily removed 
  • Reduce surface maintenance and cleaning by 50%
  • Sprayed-on application resulting in flat even finish
  • Extend re-paint life cycle by 3X
  • Sprayed in situ
  • Rejuvenates original colour and gloss - applied on its own, it will rejuvenate the original colour!
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Instant results

New Zealand wide and International NACE winner for Anti-Corrosive coating.

For the best application for recolouring your joinery visit www.nanoclear.co.nz  for a free quote.