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How to rejuvenate joinery?

At Nano-Clear one of the biggest parts of our restoring joinery process is in the preparation, but it is well worth the hard work and our professionally trained applicators are sure to do this right.

Rejuvenating Joinery - Day One

This is our pre-clean day; removing dirt, dust, residue, and surface contaminates.

The subsequent days are spent masking, standing, and deeper preparation of the surfaces.

Once the areas are fully masked and void of all contaminants, we are ready to spray. 

We the apply 2-3 coats of Nano-Clear NCI this is our superior clear coat and the best solution for joinery rejuvenation. 

Nano-Clear is a sprayed on product and being polymer based it has the ability to penetrate deep within the pores of the joinery, rejuvenating the original colour, sealing the surface and protecting it from future discolouration and sun damage for 10+ years.  

Nano-Clear is the Best product to rejuvenate joinery.  

See our website for more information, reviews and examples of how Nano-Clear can protect your joinery and other assets.  www.nanoclear.co.nz