Why Nano-Clear?.

Clear coating the surface of your assets with Nano-Clear provides extreme corrosion & abrasion resistance, reducing maintenance costs 


here are some facts and commonly asked questions about our product..

Why is Nano-Clear the superior protection choice for your assets?

Conventional protective coatings are often applied to commercial fleets, working vehicles, as well as private vehicles but they are still susceptible to environmental exposure and break down over time.

Nano-Clear is manufactured using propriety 3D nanostructure polymers, producing extreme crosslink density that provides extreme corrosion, abrasion, chemical, weathering, and more.


How can you guarantee that Nano-Clear provides permanent protection for such a diverse range of assets?

Nano-Clear was extensively tested in the United States before it was brought to New Zealand where UV conditions are amongst the harshest in the world.

The product has since been through a series of tests by independent operators with the outcomes showing that Nano-Clear easily withstands ten years worth of environmental exposure. The results show that Nano-Clear has out-performed all other protective coating products on a range of aspects including QUV resistance, salt fog, water immersion, pencil hardness and abrasion resistance.



Research shows that every time you clean and polish a surface, you are actually breaking down the existing coating of your vessel – this leads to fading, staining and oxidisation.

Nano-Clear is a single component clear coat system that fills the pores and completely covers the worn surface. It cannot be washed or scrubbed off over time like traditional polishes – it is a permanent coating that rejuvenates colour and gloss and often makes vehicles, boats and other surfaces look like they have just had a new paint job….. a look that lasts 10 or more years!

Why would I Nano-Clear my boat, truck, digger, joinery, signage, caravan or other asset?

Nano-Clear will ensure your asset remains an asset. It will protect your asset from harsh environmental conditions, therefore reducing maintenance costs, prolonging its operational lifespan and best of all, making it look damn good!

What sort of assets can Nano-tech be used to protect?

Vehicles: Nano-Clear provides permanent protection for assets in the transportation industry and can help protect and rejuvenate your personal vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, trailers and caravans. It is also used to protect commercial fleets such as trucks, company vehicles, stock crates and other assets from abrasion, scratches, corrosion and general wear and tear.

Industrial Machinery: Nano-Clear even effortlessly works on heavy-duty machinery and industrial vehicles. It will successfully protect and prolong the operational life span of any assets such as loaders, dump trucks, excavators, road laying machinery, tractors and more. No environment is too harsh!

Marine Assets: Salt water? No problem! Nano-Clear out performs all other corrosion-resistance products on the market and will help protect your boats, jet skis, yachts or ski from saltwater corrosion, rust, UV damage and oxidisation.

Architectural Joinery and Flooring: Our product can even be used on concrete flooring, garage doors, fencing, aluminium joinery and signage, helping you drastically improving surface protection of your house, improving asset resale value.

Other Assets YOU CAN Restore and Protect USING NANO-CLEAR.


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