Imagine every time someone came to your yard they asked if you’ve purchased new tractors?

That’s what has happened for Mr Palmer from Methven after having Nano-Clear applied to his tractors over three years ago.

The images shown is straight after Mr Palmer had finished picking up silage bales all afternoon.


Even under the harshest commercial & industrial conditions, Nano-Clear won’t break down or wash away like traditional polishes or buffers.

Your commercial assets can quickly depreciate in value due to the harsh, tough conditions they are continually exposed to. Tractors and machinery are high-use assets that face a continual battering from abrasion and corrosion.

Nano-Clear is the only clear coat application to improve surface protection, significantly reducing maintenance time and expenses. Providing a clear coat layer that is six times harder than paint, meaning the usual causes of surface damage – chemicals, UV, corrosion, abrasion – are literally washed away with a hose.

What they had to say…

Mr Palmer commented,

“We had a few tractors coated three years ago, we are still blown away how good they look and cleaning is still so much easier saving us time and money, not to mention the surface maintenance. Before Nano Clear we used to regularly cut and polish, but it never lasted. People still come into the yard and ask if we have purchased new tractors.” 

D & S Palmer


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