To restore or replace your faded joinery… that is the question.


WE KNOW THAT Restoring your joinery and garage doors back to “like new” status is tough to believe..


With an application of Nano-Clear is DEFINITELY tough to believe. However, to stretch beyond that and believe that the result will then last up to 10 years…. with sun, salt and wind exposure…. “No way!”.

For peace of mind you could instead opt to replace your joinery and garage doors – and the result would look fantastic! For a while. But what about protecting it from weather exposure, corrosion and abrasions? In a decade or so you would be facing exactly the same scenario all over again.

That is why Nano-Clear is worth further investigation and consideration. Not only will it rejuvenate and restore your old joinery and garage doors, it will protect the surface from at least 10 years worth of ageing!


Invest, restore and protect your biggest asset – your house!

 One of the first things people see when arriving at your home or property would be the garage door and joinery. Often in need of a re-paint, your faded garage and joinery can make your house look dull.

Nano-Clear dramatically improves surface protection and significantly reduces the cost of ongoing surface maintenance to a wide range of materials. The product rejuvenates colour and gloss to faded and oxidised surfaces – giving long-term protection against ultra-violet rays, corrosion and solvents.

With ten years protection offered, Nano-Clear is the must have product applied to your most valuable asset – it can’t be washed off or scrubbed!

Helen and Brendan from Dunedin contacted a regional applicator to restore and protect their garage door.

Other Assets YOU CAN Restore and Protect USING NANO-CLEAR.


Lets see if getting Nano-Clear is right for you