Senator protected for years to come

Senators are known for their indestructible and unsinkable traits. These aluminium pontoon boats are designed and built for all things fishing and diving – not your typical ‘gin palace’

By being exposed to harsh sea conditions, divers climbing in and out and fish being hauled over (on a good day) and sinkers smashing against the side, these boats are up against the worst and need protection.

Wrapping a boat has become the ‘go to’ option for the serious fisher and diver, not only is it a simple and quick solution it really makes boats stand out from the rest by offering numerous colours, patterns and signage.

Painting aluminium has always been incredibly difficult and won’t last long if not done correctly.

Wrapping, however, can be easily damaged so how can we protect it?

Tom from Hawkes Bay Marine got in touch with Nano-Clear, a New Zealand company offering permanent protection to shield, restore and protect your most valuable assets.

As specialist in marine sales, services and repairs since 1995, Hawkes Bay Marine have dealt with many products, Tom continued, Research shows that every time you clean and polish your boat you are actually breaking down the existing coating of your vessel – leading to fading, staining and oxidisation. If you care about the longevity of your boat,

Nano-Clear is the perfect solution to permanently restore gloss, resist corrosion and abrasion and increase surface hardness.


What they had to say…

“We have a Senator RH580 Battle Ship Junior, wrapped in limited edition graphics so having Nano-Clear to protect it was a no brainer. Having Nano-Clear applied over the wrap means it will remain untouched and looking fresh. This is one serious fishing machine and needs to withstand the bumps and bruises that will occur – our business will be producing some awesome looking boats.”

“Nano-Clear has out-performed all other protective coating products on a range of aspects including UV resistance, salt fog, water immersion, pencil hardness and abrasion resistance” Tom

Hawkes Bay Marine

Lets see if getting Nano-Clear is right for you