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Limited Warranty for the application and performance of Nano-Clear® NCI coating

Nano Clear licencees (in conjunction with Nano-Clear NZ 2015 Ltd) warrants the application and
performance of Nano-Clear® NCI protective coating system purchased from and applied by Nano-Clear licencees, that the coating will not peel, flake or blister for a period of five (5) years from application date subject to the following exclusions and limitations:

Nano Clear shall have no obligations to the Customer under the Warranty in relation to:
- any instance where the coating has been exposed to abrasion which has caused the coating to wear off including but not limited to high pressure water blasting, sandblasting, surface contact points;
- the direct, or inadvertent, application of Nano-Clear® NCI to the following substrates: Rubber (including any form of seals to repel weather); Plastics; Glass; Fastenings; Edges that are not
folded/rounded with radius greater than 2mm (sharp edges); Welds; Grills;
- corrosion arising from any surface other than that coated in Nano-Clear® (underlying corrosion);
- any area in contact with the ground (including bushels or piles that are the means of fixing to the ground);
- damage caused by adhesive tape to the surface and the resulting effects – including removal of the tape. It is advised a low tack tape is used if necessary for repainting or resurfacing surrounding areas and that such tape should be removed as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours – always spot test in an inconspicuous area.
- any environment where corrosive elements are regularly exposed to the surface - including but not
limited to excessive heat (above 80° Celsius), salt, sea spray, fertilizer, fuel, chemicals, cleaners;
- damage caused by structural building movement, fire, flood, hail, storm, earthquake or other
circumstances attributable to an Act of God, impact damage of any nature, war or accident of any kind;
- failures arising from cohesive failure of substrate or factory applied paint systems other than applied by Nano-Clear licencees
- any indirect or consequential loss or damage for any work not directly required to re-mediate Nano-Clear coating defects;
- the unreasonable maintenance of surfaces protected by Nano-Clear or any manner inconsistent with the maintenance instructions as prescribed by Nano-Clear licencees;
- any chemical treatment performed on the substrate undeclared to Nano-Clear in writing
prior to quote being offered / accepted;
- any water/moisture/chemical ingress arising from surfaces not treated with Nano-Clear®.
Limitations - Timber
The warranty on timber substrate application being limited a period of three (3) years subject to the
Limitations – Surface finish
Nano-Clear does not guarantee a level of finish. Varying forms of finish may be evident as a
result of in-situ applications occurring in an outdoor environment. These may include but not limited to levels of “orange peel”, dust, insects and other environmental intrusions. Our applicators are trained in the product and work in various environments to the customers specifications, with corrosion and fading protection being the primary purpose of the Nano-Clear® application.
The warranty is not transferable except where application is performed for an OEM / distributor / supplier whose main purpose is providing equipment for the end customer. For the warranty to remain valid, the regional Nano-Clear licencee must be informed of the end user including if the equipment is leased for a term longer than 30 days.