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About Nano-Clear

Nano-Clear® was designed to dramatically enhance and extend the service life of "Newly Painted" and "Oxidized Painted" assets by 10+ years!   It dramatically improves corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, chemical & long-term UV resistance of painted assets.    

 Nano-Clear® founded by Nanovere Technologies is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of industrial nanocoatings with "multi-functional" surface properties, and has won multiple technology awards.

International Winner

Benefits of Nano-Clear

  • Last for 10+ years
  • Chemical and solvent resistant
  • Extreme Corrosion & UV Resistance
  • Full-gloss / Semi-gloss / Matte finishes
  • Scratch resistant - 6X harder than paint
  • Graffiti is easily removed 
  • Reduce Surface Maintenance by 50%
  • Sprayed-on application 
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Extend re-paint life cycle by 3X

How Nano-Clear provides permanent protection

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