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What is Nano-Clear?

Nano-Clear is the perfect product for permanent clear coat protection for home, business, vehicles, boats, machinery and more...

Nano-Clear Rejuvenates Faded and Oxidized Surfaces

  • Rejuvenate your old and faded powder-coated joinery back to its Original Colour, revitalizing gloss and eliminating fade and oxidation for 10+ Years 

Protect your Asset 

  • Chemical and Solvent Resistant
  • 6 Times harder than paint*
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Graffiti Resistant

*Based on 2 pack paint

Easy to Clean

  • With the protection of Nano-Clear your will reduce your cleaning by 50%

Remedial / Repairs

  • Latches, Rubbers, Hinges, deteriorate over time, we can source and replace these
  • Dents and scratches, we can repair fill, and prepare with base coat, before colour-coating and protect with Nano-Clear

Architecturally Designed Buildings and Infrastructure

  • Our teams are trained on all sorts of surfaces and locations whether that be louvers, hand-rails, spouting, use of scaffolding/EWP's we will make a custom plan for you

Workshop / Offsite Work

  • We have a many locations in New Zealand where we can work on your project off site - i.e Vehicles / Doors / Machinery 

Signage / Branding

  • Want your branding to stand out and keep that vibrant colour! Coat with Nano-Clear for long term protection from the weather and UV damage

Modernize with the option of Recolouring and then seal it in with Nano-Clear

  • Select a new colour, update the whole look of your asset and improve your street appeal!
  • We can match your new colour, if you have changed colour when retro-fitted double glazing, added an extension to your home/building, or just want to modernize with a whole new look!

Revitalize your Garage Door

  • Revitalize your garage door - Often this is the first part of your home that people see!
  • Improve Street Appeal and increase value to your home

How Nano-Clear provides permanent protection

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