How to attract buyers to your house – first impressions count!

There’s the old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ so it goes the same for ‘don’t judge a house by its exterior’.

But more often than not we do judge, and a lot of potential buyers can be put off homes by its old and faded garage doors, roofs and joinery.

Re-painting components of your biggest asset can be costly and time consuming, it’s the last thing you want to do while trying to sell your home.

A Nano-Clear customer had a house on the market and got it touch with one of our regional applicators to restore the look of their garage doors, and now it looks brand new, adding an attractive selling point to potential buyers as it’s the first part of the house they see as they come up the driveway – first impressions count!

Nano-Clear’s technology is also proven to rejuvenate colour and gloss on colour steel cladding, roofing, and fencing while providing a strong layer of clear coating protection. Nano-Clear will help reduce the effects of the harsh, extreme natural environment, including weathering, UV and general wear and tear.

Lets see if getting Nano-Clear is right for you