The harsh saltwater environment will destroy your boat and marine assets over time

Provide permanent protection against the extremes of marine environments and saltwater corrosion

By using Nano-Clear you:

Restore colour, gloss and hardness.
Provide extreme weather & scratch resistance.
Reduce surface maintenance by 50%.

Six reasons to choose Nano-Clear to restore & protect your boat & marine assets.


Restores colour, gloss & hardness

Applying Nano-Clear to your boat & marine assets to restore the original colour, gloss & hardness..


Weather protection & scratch resistance

Boats & marine assets exposed to the extremes of weather fade & lose its appearance & value. Applying Nano-Clear provides superior protection against the weather


Reduce surface maintenance by 50%

Applying Nano-Clear to your boats & marine assets makes it super easy to maintain them and keep them clean. Dust & other particles do not stick to the Nano-Clear surface, making it real easy to clean – reducing the cumbersome task of cleaning.


Extreme corrosion & abrasion resistance

Nano-Clear is 6 times harder than paint, providing superior hardness & protection against corrosion & abrasions throughout the life of your boat or marine asset.


Extend the Life of your assets & the need to repaint

Applying Nano-Clear extends the life of your boat & marine asset, including the need to repaint as many times as you would without it. Apply Nano-Clear once to extend its life


Improves brand appearance & creates more value

Nano-Clear applied to your boat & marine assets improves the appearance & look. At the same time, it reduces the amount of lost value due to wear & tear due to the harsh salt water environment.

What our customers say…

I couldn’t believe it was the same jet-ski!

Nano-Clear has made it look brand new again.



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What can Nano-Clear restore & protect?

We are proud that Nano-Clear has out-performed all other protective coating products in the market on a range of aspects including UV resistance, salt fog, water immersion, pencil hardness and abrasion resistance.

Research shows that every time you clean and polish your boat, you are breaking down the existing coating of your vessel – leading to fading, staining and oxidisation – and ultimately a loss of value.

Aluminium Joinery


Boats & marine assests

Commercial & Industrial

Anti-grafitti protection

Protecting your boat with Nano-Clear will provide your vessel with longer life.

Marine assets are not cheap. Most owners are happy to ensure longevity and protection. Nano-Clear provides your marine assets from these benefits:

  • Maintain its beauty – rejuvenated colour and weatherproof gloss
  • Reduced cleaning needs – 60% reduction in cleaning and maintenance
  • Protection from corrosion and UV damage
  • Surface hardness and abrasion resistance for more robust users.

Frequently asked questions?

How much does Nano-Clear cost?

There is no average price for our Nano-Clear application service. Each property or Asset will need to be assessed before quoting. Use our Contact Form to request a free onsite quote.

How does Nano Clear work?

Nano-Clear is an anti-oxidant industrial top coat that fights the corrosive effects of long-term exposure to air, sunlight and chemicals.

The key to Nano-Clear’s protective and restorative properties comes from reducing the size of the polymers within Nano Clear’s molecular makeup, along with its ability to react to the surface to which it adheres.

What sets the product apart from similar coatings is that it can be applied directly to already oxidized surfaces, not just new ones?

Research shows that every time you clean and polish a surface, you are actually breaking down the existing coating of your vessel – this leads to fading, staining and oxidisation – the dreaded fade and worn out look!

Nano-Clear is a single component clear coat system that fills the pores and completely covers the worn surface. It cannot be washed or scrubbed off over time like traditional polishes – it is a permanent coating that rejuvenates colour and gloss and often makes vehicles, boats and other surfaces look like they have just had a new paint job….. a look that lasts 10 or more years!

What surfaces can it be used on?

Nano Clear is used as a Surface treatment and can be applied to a lot of surfaces including Metals, aluminium, stainless steel, fiberglass gel coat/paint, signage, plastics, timber, powder coated aluminium joinery, colour steel, concrete and stone.

We provide free assessments and quotes, so if you have a surface that you want to protect and restore please use our contact form to request a free onsite quote.

Why use Nano Clear over DIY solutions like Olive Oil?

Conventional protective coatings are often applied to commercial fleets, working vehicles, as well as private vehicles but they are still susceptible to environmental exposure and break down over time.

Nano-Clear is manufactured using propriety 3D nanostructure polymers, producing extreme crosslink density that provides extreme corrosion, abrasion, chemical, weathering, and more.

Olive oil and conventional coatings do not provide the same superior properties. It cannot be washed or scrubbed off over time like traditional polishes.

How do we apply Nano Clear?

Every effort is made to ensure the most professional application of Nano Clear to your Home and assets. Our 6 step process makes is easy and safe. First, we wash the surfaces that are to be sprayed with Nano Clear.

Next, we key to get rid of any oxidation on the surface. Then we mask out the surface to minimise the effects of overspray, followed by the spraying of Nano Clear to the surface. Then we remove the masking and clean up the work area! Done, Clean, Restored and Protected surfaces!

Can I buy Nano Clear and apply it myself?

We are often asked for a tin of Nano-Clear, “so that I can apply it myself.” That is often followed by “I know what I’m doing, it can’t be that hard.”

So why is Nano-Clear applied by approved applicators only? Here’s why.

Nano-Clear is a difficult product to apply. Yes, there are videos on YouTube that make it look rather simple, but we can assure you it is not a case of just “spraying it on” like a paint. Even qualified automotive painters can have a lot of trouble until they get the hang of it!

We have witnessed a number of failures where the customer assumes the product to be the root cause, but we would argue that the application process wasn’t followed correctly – after all, the product itself doesn’t change.

A lot of preparation goes into getting a surface ready for product application. This step can not be underestimated or rushed – and it will achieve the best outcome.

Most importantly, Nano-Clear comes with a 5 year warranty. We can’t honour the warranty if the product is not applied by someone we have trained and approved to do so.

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